About the Crown Prince Foundation (CPF)

Our objective at the Crown Prince Foundation is that we are leaders in the development and implementation of a comprehensive and sustainable institution, offering programs for the coming generation to open the door wide on its hinges to opportunities for a capable youth for an aspiring Jordan.

Driven by the vision of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, to build a bright future for our young men and women, the Crown Prince Foundation was established in 2015 with the commitment of ensuring that CPF serves as a guiding force, a steadfast supporter, and an enabler of opportunities that develop capacities and tools, platforms, skills, and experiences vital for the empowerment of Jordan’s youth by supporting them.

Since its establishment, CPF has been working on launching national programs targeting Jordanian youth across the Kingdom and from various age groups. These programs focus on diverse areas including leadership, entrepreneurship, vocational and technical training, and education, as well as volunteering. Alongside building crucial partnerships and enabling communication between youth and multiple entities, aiming to empower them to build the future they aspire to while serving their communities.

In alignment with our geographical expansion strategy and the priority given to work in the governorates, we have established offices for CPF throughout the Kingdom. These offices aim to ensure proximity to all youth and will enable us to facilitate specialized programs and training for young men and women. We aspire for these offices to be platforms for joint work and coordination among different parties, including young men and women, civil society organizations, governmental, private institutions, and others

Our Vision

Capable Youth for an Aspiring Jordan

CPF recognizes that investing in youth means investing in the future of the nation. Our dedicated work focuses on empowering Jordanian youth and preparing them to become effective leaders in their country and society. We also aim to engage them in comprehensive economic, social, and developmental initiatives.

The slogan ‘Capable Youth for an Aspiring Jordan’ embodies a dedicated belief in the potential and capabilities of the youth in Jordan. It represents every effort we make to achieve the noble goals we have set in service to them. Every program, activity, communication channel, or office within our foundation across the governorates serves as a supportive means to realize our vision and enable our youth to reach their aspirations on solid ground, under conditions prepared for them to achieve their goals and thrive for themselves, their community, and their country.

Our Pathways

At the Crown Prince Foundation, we have defined specialized pathways, each serving more comprehensive goals. These goals are centered around enhancing the qualities of active citizenship through the Leadership Pathway, building social youth networks, and empowering youth forces through the Sustainable Community Development Pathway. Additionally, we aim to create avenues for innovation and entrepreneurship through the Economic Participation Pathway.

Pathway to Leadership

Pathway to Economic Participation

Pathway to Sustainable Community Development

Our Values

At Crown Prince Foundation, we embrace a set of values that we believe will serve as a guiding force in our journey of youth service. These values aim to enhance and uplift the skills and potential of the youth, spanning from the northern to the southern regions of the nation. This encapsulates the value of inclusivity within our set of principles. With the value of innovation, we recognize the creativity of our youth and their ability to confront challenges and overcome any obstacles. Our youth serve as role models through their morals and behavior, embodying the value of ethics, which stems from our understanding of the authenticity and richness of our Jordanian youth and their heritage. This, in turn, translates every impact into a tangible reality and necessary change. With a spirit of positivity, we believe they are the icons of this belief, which is also one of our values.